Top Reason people who want to lose weight, dont get started!

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If you ask an average person, if they could lose a couple pounds or more than a couple pounds, chances are most of them will say yes. Remarkably, over 35 percent of the Canadian population can be classified as overweight and nearly 25 percent as obese. This obesity pandemic can be accounted for by a plethora of outside reasons. Here are the top reason why people who want to lose weight, dont!

Lack of Belief

For decades now, it has been a taboo topic to discuss weight loss.  It’s even become a sin to care about a loved one’s excessive weight gain or unhealthy eating habits without scrutiny. In the age where beauty and physical fitness have become gate keepers of our self esteem , many have resisted even considering weight loss advice, ignoring the topic altogether in fear of damaging their self esteem or facing what they believe to be an impossible mountain to climb.

In the age of information where knowledge of how to take care of ourselves is readily available, we can no longer use ignorance as a means excuse of being unhealthy. Despite the amounting conflicting and inaccurate information roaming around the internet about health and fitness, a little bit of digging can reveal most of the major components of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. The Taboo topic of weight loss has its origins in today’s deification of beauty standards. At face value the issue appears to be the beauty standards themselves, however the real problem lies in believing they are not attainable for the average person. This has corrupted many minds into thinking that they must conform to their current physical condition and that elements of fate are the driving force for change and outcome. lack of belief because of fear is the number one reason 

Premier Fitness Goals

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