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Premier Fitness Second $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge a Great Success


On Wednesday January 5th, the awards ceremony for the September 7th to December 7 2010 $10,000 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge was held, with the top 25 members/participants from across Ontario in attendance. All received much- deserved recognition for their commitment to shedding almost 1,758 pounds collectively. The 25 participants lost an average of 70.32 pounds each by using Premier/ Mademoiselle Fitness proprietary IPF & IPN supervised programs.

Mademoiselle Fitness CEO Giselle Cardillo opened the awards ceremony by welcoming everyone and congratulating everyone on their accomplishments. Cardillo then spoke about the positive effects of exercise and proper nutrition on health and longevity. She used examples from her own experiences and some of the finalists shared their stories.

The first place award of $10,000 went to Sean Merpaw, a Premier Fitness London Member, who lost a total of 111.5 pounds and 37% body fat.

The second place award of $5,000 went to Jim Laszlo from the Premier Fitness Airport-Etobicoke Club, who lost 108.5 pounds and 32% body fat.

The third place award of $2500 went to 19-year-old Ken Greenham( Jan. 2010 Winner), also from Premier Fitness London who lost 101 pounds and 31% body fat.

The top two weight loss contestants were both fathers and said that being able to see their children grow up was their reason for joining. In addition to their cash prizes, they also walked away with a new and healthy outlook on life.

The 3rd place winner, Ken, was the grand prizewinner of our January competition and went on to say “After successfully completing both weight loss challenges, I am now in the best shape of my life. I have never felt better or had more energy. I can now actually enjoy playing sports with my friends, and going for runs with my dog! I have lost over 170 lbs, in less than 12 months. Thank you Premier Fitness. You changed my life forever, and I will always thank you for that!”

The participants from fourth through 25th place all received a one- month free membership for every five pounds they lost, as well as Gift certificates for personal training and nutrition sessions. On hand to congratulate the 25 Weight Loss Challenge participants was Neil Proctor, Partner of Premier Fitness.

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