John Cardillo Premier Fitness CEO Announces New Concept Club

John Cardillo Premier Fitness CEO Announces New Concept Club


John Cardillo Premier Fitness CEO announced that its new state of the art concept club will be built in locations across Canada. After serving Ontario’s fitness needs since 1989 in more than 40 locations, Premier Fitness management felt it was time to build a new concept club to expand across Canada. Each new concept club location will feature state of the art facilities and the very best that Premier offers in the its new-style clubs. Each new concept club will be 75,000 sq. ft. and include the following facilities:

Premier Fitness co-ed facility

Mademoiselle Women’s Fitness Club female-only facility         

 Play Zone Interactive Youth Fitness (for kids 8 to 17 years of age) exercise facility   

 Dr. Weight Loss Clinic and Nutrition Centre

Health Centre

Aquatics Centre with three bodies of water (one 25-metre, Olympic-style lap pool, a family pool with a 30-foot slide)

Supervised IPF (“Intelligent Prescriptive Fitness”)Workout Studio

The Juice Bar Cafe

Boxing For Fitness Studio

Spinning Studio

Yoga Studio

Two Aerobics Studios

 Indoor Basketball Court 

Private Child-Minding Centre

Steam rooms within each locker room

Private showers with shower amenities (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)

For females, private three-piece bathrooms including a shower, sinks and toilets

Five-star locker rooms with oversized lockers

The Lobby

When you walk into the lobby of this striking fitness club, you will feel as though you are entering a luxurious five-star hotel with rich wall and ceiling paneling, contemporary Art Deco furnishings and modern stainless steel finishes. The look is sleek yet warm and inviting, and announces surroundings that are beyond special. The lobby itself provides soft, lounge-style seating and a big-screen television, where members can meet and visit upon arrival or when waiting to leave for home. Straight ahead, the Aquatic Centre features a dramatic waterfall, and this gathering spot offers immediate access to the juice bar, the Dr. Weight Loss Clinic, Play Zone Youth fitness centre, Mademoiselle Women’s Club, the child-minding centre, locker rooms and exercise area. Discover a world of recreation and relaxation with every visit!

The Aquatic Centre

Discover three fabulous choices in this wonderful world of water. A 25-metre, five-lane pool presents the perfect venue for water-lovers looking to indulge in a leisurely swim, or to swim for exercise. For those looking to improve their swim skills, Premier fitness offers monthly classes that are available to every member.

Members of all ages from children to seniors appreciate our family pool, which features a 30-foot waterslide with a beach-like slope that makes getting in and out of the water a breeze. We keep our pool water sparkling clean, and the 82-degree temperature is always comfortable. Premier’s Aquatic Centre is always hopping with programs including youth swimming lessons, Aquafit classes and family swim days.

Upscale Locker Rooms

Unlike most fitness clubs, outstanding design at Premier/Mademoiselle extends to our locker rooms – and we believe we have the best and most attractive in the business. These striking areas are built with easy-to-clean, hygienic materials that look great and help to ensure the health and safety of our members. You won’t find germs and bacteria hiding in smelly carpets here! In keeping with the five-star hotel feel of this club, we devoted a lot of time and care in designing locker rooms to evoke the look of luxurious spas. Enjoy oversized private showers complete with toiletries, plus bathroom suites for those who prefer more privacy. Our signature circular granite-topped vanities anchor the locker room spaces, and provide toiletries and hair dryers for our members’ convenience. Each locker room features a eucalyptus steam room where members can unwind. Members love our oversized lockers for their personal belongings, and they appreciate having a lounge area with newspapers, a members’ telephone and wide-screen TV at their disposal. Our locker rooms help to make each Premier visit special from beginning to end.

Dr. Weight Loss Clinic and Nutrition Centre

Both members and non-members can access our Dr. Weight Loss Clinic for sound, scientific nutrition advice. A proper nutrition program is essential to achieve weight loss and body contouring, and our weight loss professionals can help. Make an appointment and we will launch you on the safest, soundest, healthiest nutrition/weight loss program available on the market today. With balance in mind, the Dr. Weight Loss Intelligent Prescriptive Nutrition (IPN) Program consists of meals with a ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fats to achieve the sensible goal of two pounds of body fat loss per week. Dr. Weight Loss is an independently run clinic with its own staff, and through a cooperation agreement, a free consultation is available to all Premier/Mademoiselle members.

Health Centre

We have kinesiologists on staff who will evaluate your starting point so we can develop a personalized program that will lead you to your ultimate health and fitness goals. You will work together with our kinesiologists to arrive at a personalized Intelligent Prescriptive Fitness (IPF) program. For those who count weight loss and better nutrition among their goals, we offer the Dr. Weight Loss Intelligent Prescriptive Nutrition (IPN) program. Each member receives a complimentary personal nutrition consultation as part of the fitness assessment. We perform reassessments and nutritional consultations every three months to monitor your progress, and to make adjustments or upgrades to your program as required.

Play Zone Youth Fitness

We’re not kidding when we say Premier/Mademoiselle is a family fitness centre! We offer a great facility for encouraging children to engage in healthy activities like exercise. It’s called Play Zone Interactive Youth Fitness – the first of its kind, kids-only (8 to 17 years of age) interactive exercise/entertainment club. It’s good for kids, AND helps to establish healthy habits that will form the foundation for a lifetime of fitness. The Play Zone program includes both cardiovascular and weight resistance exercise specifically performed on equipment developed for children and teens. To keep youngsters interested, many of the exercises are essentially games such as Interactive Dance Pads, and Game Bikes powered by Sony PlayStation, which require kids to pedal in order to play each game and compete against each other. We also offer a Youth Circuit, which is an exercise system designed specifically to meet the needs of children. Our professional fitness staff provides a constant and watchful eye as children and teens work out and have fun in this invigorating space.

Mademoiselle Women’s Fitness Club

One of the most popular areas in our fitness centre is our club-within-a-club called Mademoiselle Women’s Fitness. This facility is operated by women for women, and even offers its own private entrance. Female members appreciate the fact that they enjoy all the features of our main facility, including a full aerobics floor, the IPF line of exercise equipment and cardiovascular equipment. In addition to their own locker room, Mademoiselle clients have access to all the other facilities in the complex. In true Premier style, there are professional staff on hand to guide exercise techniques for maximum benefit and minimal chance of injury. Mademoiselle Women’s Fitness Club is THE spot for working out in a luxurious, all-female environment.

Cardio & Entertainment

Today’s busy fitness enthusiasts want to exercise – NOW. And at Premier/Mademoiselle, they can. We offer such a variety of equipment, that members don’t have to wait in long line-ups. In fact, we are known for having the greatest variety of apparatus, with over 150 pieces of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent cycles, Technogym Wave machines, Stairmaster Stepmills, and a host of other name brand pieces. And who says working out is boring? To help pass the time, we have equipped each cardio machine with its own personal TV monitor. Tune to your favourite television show or pop in a personal DVD, and HAVE FUN!

Exercise Floor

Premier/Mademoiselle will change the way you think about fitness forever! Once you’ve worked out on our gym floor with its huge variety of high-tech fitness equipment, you’ll be spoiled for life. We combine fabulous equipment with inspirational artwork, floating mirror frames, high ceilings, natural light and energizing music to motivate you. We work hard to make sure your workouts are effective AND enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, our courteous, knowledgeable fitness staff will always be available to help you maximize your workout time.

The IPF Progra

Exclusive to Premier and Mademoiselle, the Intelligent Prescriptive Fitness (IPF) scientific program was developed by Premier Fitness CEO John Cardillo, who believes that to achieve maximum�results, quality of exercise is much more important than quantity. At the heart of Premier/Mademoiselle’s IPF program is a total body workout. We have based this program on the philosophy that members should use the finest equipment possible to perform effective exercises for each body part. The goal is to stimulate lean muscle tissue growth without having to spend hours and hours in a gym. With the IPF system, you can accomplish amazing results using our 26 top-of-the-line machines all set up and to be performed in sequence. We have researched the market to ensure that each piece of apparatus is the best machine for each body part. Our top-of-the-line equipment includes items from Nautlius, Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor, Atlantis and TechnoGym. The IPF circuit takes only 40 minutes, and will totally strengthen and tone each body part. Members who spend just over half an hour, two to three times per week, report the benefits of an incredible body workout. Our trainers supervise technique, record members’ performance on each exercise on your personal workout program card, and regularly monitor your progress.

Group Classes 

Many of our members thrive on the energy of aerobic exercise classes, and for them, we offer over 100 fitness classes per week. Our skilled, accredited, professional instructors lead these invigorating sessions in our private studios equipped with spring-loaded, state-of-the-art aerobic maple floors. Classes are designed for the spectrum of members, from beginners through advanced exercisers. These options take many forms, from low-impact to highly challenging boot camp, cardio kick-box, cross-training, cycling and much more. Class schedules are updated monthly.

Yoga Studio

Ah, Yoga – the popular activity that melds the body, mind and spirit through low-impact techniques. We guide you through specific exercises, controlled breathing techniques, meditation and particular movements that lengthen muscles as they strengthen them, improving balance, posture, flexibility and coordination. Members use this activity to help build a flexible, strong body while reducing stress. People of any age or fitness level can benefit from this form of exercise. There are specific memberships available for those who want to access our Yoga Studio only. Stretch, tone and strengthen your muscles in our relaxing environment.

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