Premier Fitness John Cardillo Announce PLAYZONE YOUTH Fitness Centres.

Canada’s John Cardillo Premier Fitness announced the first of its kind PLAYZONE YOUTH Fitness Centres to combat the ever increasing problem of childhood obesity. Cardillo said “We now offer a facility specifically designed to encourage children to engage in healthy activities like exercise”. Play Zone Interactive Youth Fitness, is the first of its kind, kids-only (8 to 15 years of age) interactive exercise/entertainment club. “It’s a terrific concept for kids, and helps to establish healthy habits that will form the foundation for a lifetime of fitness” Cardillo said.

The PLAYZONE Fitness Centres includes both cardiovascular and weight resistance exercise specifically performed on equipment developed for children and teens. To keep youngsters interested, many of the exercises are essentially games such as Interactive Dance Pads, and Game Bikes powered by Sony PlayStation, which require kids to pedal in order to play each game and compete against each other. Cardillo said “we also offer a Youth Circuit, which is an exercise system designed specifically to meet the needs of children”. Each PLAYZONE facility is staffed with accredited fitness staff to provide a constant and watchful eye as children and teens work out and have fun in this invigorating environment.

A typical PLAYZONE YOUTH Fitness Centre facility is 3000 square feet, featuring individual boys and girls locker rooms, showers and bathrooms. Security cameras are installed throughout the facility in order to ensure children are safe. Parents will soon be able to monitor their children by logging in through the internet. Memberships are affordable and range from day passes to monthly memberships. John Cardillo, Premier Fitness are excited about opening this innovative new fitness facility in major cities across North America.


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